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Re: Member distributions and popularity

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On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 11:40:02AM -0600, Ean Schuessler wrote:
>"Debian Pure Blends" are definitely part of the picture. It would be 
>really great if we promoted Debian Pure Blends on the "Getting Debian" 
>page. I'm not sure if we want to say that *only* Debian Pure Blends 
>would be promoted by us.

Any work improving Blends is directly improving Debian too.

Work improving a derived distro _might_ become beneficial to Debian too. 
Perhaps. If someone does the extra work of bridging the gap.

Therefore I find it bad to promote derivatives - "unpure blends".

>For instance, if Google were to distribute a signed G1 firmware with a 
>real Debian distribution... how would that be handled?

Google would engage directly with Debian to make a Debian Pure blend for 
their needs. And then either sign themselves or - when we get blends 
integrated into the official Debian release routines, complete with 
blend-specific distribution media - make the G1 devices trust images 
signed by Debian.

I suspect, however, that G1 devices would need non-free stuff, which 
means they cannot _not_ use a "real Debian distribution" but need some 

>I've never had an occasion to read the Debian Pure Blend docs.

>To your point about not wasting lots of keystrokes...

Actually reading the docs might avoid wasting quite some keystrokes!


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