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Re: Re-thinking Debian membership


        One of the issues I have with this proposal is that there seems
 to be, by design, absolutely no consideration about skill levels or
 quality of developers. I'll concede that the current process might not
 do a great job of assessing quality of contribution, but it tries. The
 new process does not seem to have any such effort.

        Given human nature, seems like it is likely for folks to vote in
 their buddies, not based on merit, but on liking them (do you know how
 hard it is for people to not add friends to their social network

        I also acknowledge that testing for quality is a Hard
 Problem. And that  it is hard not to have a process with the kind of
 bias that inclusion by popularity contest (which the new process would
 have a proclivity to being) does. But there is an effort towwards that
 in the current process that is being thrown out with the bath water.

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