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Re: Developer Status

Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> Can we please wrap part of this thread up by saying that: most of
> us---i.e., the participants to this thread---would BE OK with passing
> this proposal *with GR* (after the usual needed discussion time),
> whereas most of us would NOT BE OK with passing this proposal *without
> GR*?

Personally, I probably wouldn't vote in favor of this proposal as it is
but I would fully respect the outcome if it was decided by the means of
a GR, obviously :)

I also think that some of the underlying problems that this proposal
tries to solve exist and the subject warrants further discussion.

> I haven't thought about it, but this is a very interesting observation
> indeed (same on the other on the alioth.d.o mail domain). Still, it is
> not clear to me how to "merge" the two proposals. I mean, while I see
> a partial overlapping among the two infrastructure, I really do not
> want to get away from alioth project admins the ability to decide upon
> which accounts are member of their projects.
> Are you maybe suggesting that alioth account creation should be bound
> to being a debian contributor? I see more harm than good in something
> like that ...
Yes, I think that should be the case.

The fact that with the current proposal this would do more harm than
good (with which I perfectly agree) is exactly the reason I find it
bureaucratic and overcomplicated.

For example, there's nothing special about a DC.
No upload rights, no vote rights, no debian.org logins.
Just an entry to a 6-month quarantine period to be able to be "promoted"
to a role with actual privileges.

And, well, I find it /insulting/ to our current, real, contributors to
require them to get an ID check (therefore meeting a DD in real life),
go through NM FD, having an AM assigned and answer questions, just to
call them what they are!

My PoV is that we should *lower* the barrier for new contributors, value
and *acknowledge* their contributions and accept them for what they are,
(limited) members of the Debian project.

I feel that Alioth has served this purpose in a way.
This proposal achieves nothing to that effect; quite the opposite, IMHO.

OTOH and on an unrelated but relevant to the proposal, I fully agree
that we should give the rights to vote and be voted to non-maintainers
(artists, translators, documentation writers etc.).
e.g. making T&S optional NM and tieing it to upload rights would be a
simple way to do this but I haven't given any serious thought on this.


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