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Re: Developer Status

On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 08:01:17PM +0300, Faidon Liambotis wrote:
> I, for one, would support or even propose a GR to overrule you
> (whoever "you" might be) as a delegate if you proceed with enforcing
> this proposal without getting an approval by a GR.

Can we please wrap part of this thread up by saying that: most of
us---i.e., the participants to this thread---would BE OK with passing
this proposal *with GR* (after the usual needed discussion time),
whereas most of us would NOT BE OK with passing this proposal *without

I have the feeling this is the global sentiment, but you know: I think
I've expressed the same concept as you (speaking with Faidon here),
but there is a whole mileage between the way I put it down and the way
you put it down. (And I'm on purpose not judging the relative merits
of the two ways.) Still, I think I'll be more than happy to avoid
experiencing in this thread everything which is in between :)

> > Debian Contributor
> > ------------------
> > Debian Maintainer
> > -----------------
> > Debian Member
> > -------------
> > Debian Developer
> > ----------------
> Now, regarding your proposal itself, I agree with others that it
> sounds too bureaucratic, even for Debian.

Is it?

I mean, the names looks clear to me.

And the procedure is just two alternative paths: one towards voting
contributors with no upload rights, the other towards voting
contributors with upload rights.

But of course "bureaucratic" is subjective, hence your opinion is as
valuable as mine, I'm only surprised that that many people find it so.

> Explaining the differences between "maintainer", "uploader", "Debian
> Maintainer" and "Debian Developer" to outsiders is hard enough as it
> is.

TBH, the current distinction to DM and DD looks like the more complex
part of the game, but that part (for what it concerns the difficulty
of explaining it) is left untouched by this proposal.

> Also, I find it amazing that noone has mentioned all those Alioth -guest
> users.
> Am I the only one to think that we should find a way to make Alioth and
> its users more "official" and acknowledge that most of those users work
> for Debian and should be considered members of the project?

I haven't thought about it, but this is a very interesting observation
indeed (same on the other on the alioth.d.o mail domain). Still, it is
not clear to me how to "merge" the two proposals. I mean, while I see
a partial overlapping among the two infrastructure, I really do not
want to get away from alioth project admins the ability to decide upon
which accounts are member of their projects.

Are you maybe suggesting that alioth account creation should be bound
to being a debian contributor? I see more harm than good in something
like that ...


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