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Re: Developer Status

Joerg Jaspert wrote:
>   We plan to integrate DM more closely into the NM process/system
>   while keeping the spirit of easing entry into Debian for newcomers.
>   At the same time we add a separate track for less-technical
>   contributors.
I have to say that I don't like *at all* the way that you're handling
this; you posted to d-d-a which implies that this is an announcement,
not a proposal and while I know that it is within your powers to do such
changes, I think that it is obvious that something like that should be
decided (and by that I don't mean "overruled") by the body of the DDs
and not by any DPL delegate.

Also, you admitted that you forgot to clarify who "you" (plural) are,
only to reveal us that you "discussed" this with other delegates,
without further explaining what exactly you mean by that.
And from Manoj's reply to the thread (and correct me if I'm wrong) it
surely didn't sound like he "planned" anything with you.

It is no secret that discussing stuff is not your style (and I don't
mean this as an insult), but please try to bear with us and be more
cooperative, both within the project and within specific teams (I'm
thinking DebConf organization and sponsorship teams here).

I, for one, would support or even propose a GR to overrule you (whoever
"you" might be)  as a delegate if you proceed with enforcing this
proposal without getting an approval by a GR.

> Debian Contributor
> ------------------
> Debian Maintainer
> -----------------
> Debian Member
> -------------
> Debian Developer
> ----------------
Now, regarding your proposal itself, I agree with others that it sounds
too bureaucratic, even for Debian.

Explaining the differences between "maintainer", "uploader", "Debian
Maintainer" and "Debian Developer" to outsiders is hard enough as it is.

Please, let's try to Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Also, I find it amazing that noone has mentioned all those Alioth -guest
Am I the only one to think that we should find a way to make Alioth and
its users more "official" and acknowledge that most of those users work
for Debian and should be considered members of the project?

> contributor.debian.org mail
Let's not forget that all Alioth users get a mail alias under d.o, we
shouldn't consider it _that_ big of a deal.


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