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Re: Developer Status

On Thu, 23 Oct 2008 20:16:01 +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:

> > > Debian Contributor
> > > ------------------
> > > Debian Maintainer
> > > -----------------
> > > Debian Member
> > > -------------
> > > Debian Developer
> > > ----------------
> > Now, regarding your proposal itself, I agree with others that it
> > sounds too bureaucratic, even for Debian.
> Is it?

I agree, I fail to see what's bureaucratic about the proposal. After
all it's a simple 2x2 matrix with requirements for the 4 "boxes".

> I mean, the names looks clear to me.

I'm not really happy with the terms from Ganneffs proposal and like
Bas' ideas better; IMO they are more logical and acknowledge that
both packaging and other activities constitute "membership"; although
we should probably keep the "DD" somewhere to avoid total confusion.

In general I think iff procedures are changed we should take the
opportunity to also "clean up" the terms which are kind of a mess at
the moment IMO.

What I'm missing is a positive name for the non-packinging area; Bas'
"developing" vs. "non-developing" gives just a negative description
("people that don't maintain/upload packages"), a positive term
describing what they actually do would recognize their work better
IMO. I didn't have any idea so far, which word would cover all these

And maybe we could make the search for terms easier if we found an
apposition for the first stage that can be prepended or appended to
the term in the second stage; something like "junior" or "candidate"
(no, I don't like both of these, just to give an idea).

Ok, here's a rather incomplete ASCII art, maybe it inspires someone

        /Area | Packaging   | "Other"
Stage  /      |             |
D Member      | D Developer | D XY
D Contributor | Junior DD   | Junior D XY

> Are you maybe suggesting that alioth account creation should be bound
> to being a debian contributor? I see more harm than good in something
> like that ...

Ack, alioth accounts are great for new people when they join teams,
and that's most often before they think about becoming a $whatever.

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