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Re: NEW queue

On Thu, Oct 23 2008, Clint Adams wrote:

> In my opinion, however, you have this backwards.  The release team
> members (and this goes for any other core team as well) have privileges
> which are withheld from the other developers for whatever reason,
> and they have been granted such privileges presumably to serve the
> project, not as some kind of reward or recognition for merit or industrious
> service or brownnosing.
> I imagine that these people have either explicitly pursued this
> power or that it has been offered to them and they have explicitly
> accepted.  Such conscious and willful acts should have been coupled
> with conscious and willful acceptance that with this power comes
> great responsibility.
> This responsibility is not as a parent or caretaker for misbehaving
> ingrates, but to serve every single DD who lacks those powers.  The

        This is where you got this wrong. The responsibility is to serve
 the  project, and the foundations on which the project is built, to the
 best of our ability. Me undertaking to do more work (mostly thankless)
 is not to become the servant of people who opt to do less, but to
 ensure that the project benefits.

> feelings of the privileged people should be secondary to the feelings of
> the unprivileged people.  Their actions should be extremely transparent
> and subject to review.  This includes not having secret back-room
> discussions about project business.

        This would hurt the project, so I am not going to do it. I have
 gained a lot of advice from seeking out experts, and having a one one
 one discussion focussed on improving the work I do for Debian, to forgo
 the quiet discussions and advice seeking for tasks that I perform for

        Some of these flow naturall while socializing, and I will not
 eschew discussions about Debian as I meet fellow DDs over a beer.

> Now if you were suggesting that we should all be civil to one another,
> I would have a different argument, but what I infer from your words
> is that we owe the release team more because of the work that they do.
> The inverse is true: the release team owes us more because they CAN
> do the work.

        I think that is nonsense.

> In my mind I can't conceive of why they would have willingly accepted
> power if they weren't prepared to face the highest scrutiny and
> criticisms.  Can you?

        I have no intention of dealing with harsh and unpleasant
 language, if people can't converse with me civilly, I have the recourse
 of a score file. I don't _have_ to do anything; inclusing listening to
 rude ingrates (:=)).

        So, if the DAM or the RM's are not doing their job as You want
 them to do it, you have a few options:
  a) convince the DPL to delegate you instead of them
  b) to more work, and get into a position where the work you do makes
     people lsiten to you instead,
  c) pay them to listen to you
  d) find enough like minded people to override them via a GR

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