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Re: NEW queue

On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 02:09:23PM +0000, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 23 2008, Clint Adams wrote:
> > In my opinion, however, you have this backwards.  The release team
> > members (and this goes for any other core team as well) have privileges
> > which are withheld from the other developers for whatever reason,
> > and they have been granted such privileges presumably to serve the
> > project, not as some kind of reward or recognition for merit or industrious
> > service or brownnosing.
> >
> > I imagine that these people have either explicitly pursued this
> > power or that it has been offered to them and they have explicitly
> > accepted.  Such conscious and willful acts should have been coupled
> > with conscious and willful acceptance that with this power comes
> > great responsibility.
> >
> > This responsibility is not as a parent or caretaker for misbehaving
> > ingrates, but to serve every single DD who lacks those powers.  The
>         This is where you got this wrong. The responsibility is to serve
>  the  project, and the foundations on which the project is built, to the
>  best of our ability. Me undertaking to do more work (mostly thankless)
>  is not to become the servant of people who opt to do less, but to
>  ensure that the project benefits.

I disagree. You imply that people outside of teams are doing nothing,
and beside that it's quite interesting that you think so in itself, it's
wrong. There are many people doing a lot for Debian, that have no access
to the powers that the release team have, and we do have to make sure we
don't impede those people's work.

Unlike Clint, I do think that you cannot reasonably release without a
release team and the power it has right now[0] (or not without a
complete revamp of the full process, and I've not really a lot of ideas
on how to do that). But yes, the fact that I'm in such a team means that
I *have* to work more for it, because else I'm blocking people and leave
them in the mud all by themselves.

My access to hintfiles, to the possibility to forbid uploads, ...
implies great responsibility, and I have to cope with the sometimes
angry developer that has been impeded in his work. And it's my duty to
let it be. Though it doesn't quite excuse the regular offenders either.

  [0] sadly, each day of the release, we have examples of completely
      clueless people who still insist on breaking stuff. Just look at
      the unblock requests, some are totally WTF. Just a random example.
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