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Re: NEW queue

On 2008-10-23 12:11:32.00 Aurelien Jarno <aurel32@debian.org> wrote:
The NEW queue hasn't been processed for two months if we except a few fast-tracked packages, and the number of packages it contains has increased a lot.

Some rumors said it is due to the approaching release of Lenny, but on the other hand some packages in NEW are targeted to experimental, which
is the suggested way to test changes for Squeeze [1].

It may also be due to the ftp-masters being busy with other things
or not feeling like working on that. In that case, I would suggest to
appoint a new ftp-master/ftp-master assistant.

Could we please have some details about that?

Speaking for myself, I have been mostly doing release related stuff (process NEW for lenny-relevant things, handling removals, fixing the occasional RC bug) in the measly four-hours-and-a-bit of Debian-time in the evening that I averaged on for most of october. I have prioritized non-ftpteam tasks over NEW processing because I believed that to be in the best interest of the project, but have NEW-processed some things (e.g. X and gcc related stuff) on prodding. It would appear to me that Jörg still does some NEW, albeit not as fast as the NEW queue grows. That said, I will be happy to take the blame for not having been processing as much NEW as is vital to you.

More recently, quoting the VAC mail that I would have preferred to keep private:
I'm taking time off [until] the most recent round of finger-pointing
is over. I have no interest volunteering for a project that treats
the people who do stuff like that.

As time goes on, the "like that" will be increasingly unspecific, so let me add three sentences of explanation: In my opinion the project fails if it does not insist on Robert fully rescinding
  "It seems we relied primarily on the release team,
   which has betrayed the goals of the project,..."[1]
and offering an apology acceptable to the release team. Debian has, in my opinion, the obligation towards the people doing one of the hardest tasks Debian has to offer (look at the number of people it has worn out) to not tolerate that accusation. If there needs to be a discussion whether the release team was working outside the scope of its authority here, so be it, but the being depicted as betraying Debian's goals is beyond what the release team can be expected to endure.

As with my original VAC mail, let me clarify that
I am not going on [vacation] for or in the hope of teaching
anyone anything or to solicit support mails. (I do appreciate
that you care, thanks! This is not a write in thing or a vote
though, and you already do me a giant favor by keeping up the
work where I choose not to.)

Your suggestion that new ftp team members be added does not appear to be entirely new. More specifically, I don't think that I am the ftp-assistant that did the least NEW during the last two months. The last round of recruitment has not been terribly successful: Four people (those who did not announce their intention to limit their work, incidentally excluding NEW for unstable/experimental) have been invited to do some supervised NEW processing, three of whom actually managed to join the coordination IRC channel, two of whom did some NEW under supervision, one of whom did a sizable amount of that and was added to the team. Unless you have discovered a source of applicants that sprang up in the last five months since the last invitation to the ftp team, I should think that your idea seems unlikely to fix the problem faster than trying to get the release out in order to remove the focus on that.

Best of luck


1. http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2008/10/msg00395.html

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