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Re: Developer Status

On Wed, Oct 22 2008, Clint Adams wrote:

> On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 12:10:29AM +0200, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
>> This was initially written by me, then discussed within DAM (so take
>> us two for we)  and then discussed with DSA, FTPMaster,
>> Keyring-Maint, Secretary, FrontDesk and the DPL.
> I am disappointed in all of these people.

        I am not sure why. A debconf, I was involved in any number of
 discussions at breakfast, or late at night over a beer, with various
 people where we proposed how to solve all kinds of issues  plaguing
 Debian. (Like, getting Debian to be more inclusive or less flamey).

        Are you disappointed  about the participants in those
 discussions as well?

        Before I proposed implementing user tags in the policy BTS, I
 had discussed it in private with people who knew more about user
 tagging than I did, and who correct my proposal, since what I had
 initially planned on doing did not work.

        Are you disappointed  about those discussions too?

        I have talked to several people about voting methods and the
 path to improve devotee, some of which have been already coded.

        Are you disappointed there as well?

        As for this new developers proposals, I was called upon as a
 consultant; to see whether the proposal met constitutional requirements
 (I think it does), and how it would impact the secretaries vote taking
 efforts (I appreciate being asked if the proposal would impact my job,
 and being allowed to provide feedback early if it did).

        This way, the proposal submitted to y'all became more robust and
 more likely to work. (No different from user tagging policy BTS). This
 is, in my view, a Debian contributor (who also happens to be a
 delegate) trying to figure out a way of improving Debian, and making it
 more inclusive (with all the vaunted, oh, you do not have to package
 stuff, there are few non-packages in Debian), and performing his role
 tasks better, in a manner meant to improve Debian. This is not an evil,
 destroy Debian effort. Frankly, I think people are getting their
 panties in a twist over nothing but a sense of injured pride that
 they are not important enough to be asked a priori.

        As to the proposal itself, I have not made up my mind. I gave
 feedback wearing the hat of the secretary. Personally, I think I am
 mostly indifferent. Allowing more non-developers in, and providing a
 path for translators to have a say in Debian does not seem to be all
 that wrong.

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