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Re: Bug#437842: lists.debian.org: request creation of a debian-mediation mailing list

MJ Ray <mjr@phonecoop.coop> Forwarded From: Sven Luther
<sven@powerlinux.fr>: [...]
> Your above condition, 2 different DDs, seems really slow to me, if you
> want to put a bottom limit, i would maybe chose the quorum of debian
> votes or something such meaningful.

Equally, 50 seems far too high to me.  I'd be surprised if 50 DDs are
active in mediation at one time.

> Furthermore, I believe that any person who is actually willing to
> participate in a debian-mediation mailing lists, will probably be able
> to configure procmail or another filtering software to avoir reading
> unwanted posts, or simply ignore them in their mail reader.

I think that's unacceptable for three reasons: firstly, it repeats
work (all N subscribers updating their filters); secondly, the
archives become less useful; thirdly, someone behaving badly enough to
get banned from a list of mediators *really* needs to know that.

> That said, this brings another proposal. I believe that for the sake of
> transparency, we should set up a debian-censorship, [...]

Clearly, such a list cannot be hosted by the project, because if
messages were appearing, they would not be censored.  If such a list
is set up somewhere, I'll ask the listmasters to include it in any
SMTP error when a message is rejected.  I don't think it can
necessarily be included in other filters without blowback.

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