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Re: Bug#437842: lists.debian.org: request creation of a debian-mediation mailing list

Context: the creation of a debian-mediation@ mailing list is requested
in #437842.

I support the proposal. Such a mailing list could be helpful when
dealing with complex conflicts with both technical and social aspects,
like some conflicts which resulted in the expulsion of DDs, or the dpkg
triggers discussion. One problem with such conflicts is that they tend
to spread on several mailing lists, and are off-topic on all lists.
Taking those discussions to -mediation@ would allow to remove the noise
from other lists, and let people interested in helping with getting the
facts right, and finding a compromise, do that on a list where such
discussions are not considered off-topic.

Also, such a list would be a good way to experiment with the idea of a
social committee, and see if it is really needed and how it could help
to solve problems.

Finally, we don't have much to lose by creating such a list. So let's
just try it.
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