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Re: Bug#437842: lists.debian.org: request creation of a debian-mediation mailing list

Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@lucas-nussbaum.net> wrote:
> Context: the creation of a debian-mediation@ mailing list is requested
> in #437842.
> I support the proposal. [...reasons...]

I support the proposal if:-

"exempt of banning and other abuse commonly seen in when these issues
are handled in other debian list, and allow" is replaced by "where
banning only happens after with-reason warnings from two different
debian developers, that allows"; and

"As such, messages to this list should not be cc'd to any other list
or person, or discussions moved to private email or another list,
except by specific request of those recipient(s)." is added to the end.

I would like it if "Contributors should post to this list no more than
twice a day." were added, but I understand if that's still

Sorry for the conditional support, but I think another completely
unregulated list will become unusable fast.

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