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NM = good, DD = bad

This aint a comedy actually. But I was asked by Julien Danjou
(another angry Debian Developer) by a gentle email to stop
spamming this mailing list, because he 
"do[esn]t have a fucking shit interest" in my topics.

Is somebody willing to explain how such people manage to pass
the new maintainer process?

Even computer illiterates know what spam is.

And they dont need full access to the entire Debian infra-
structure just so I can get my control.tar.gz without much

Because all the other features why people tend to use a distro
obviously dont score for Debian. So pretty please, deliver the
data I need to build my own stuff in a convenient way.
I am slowly getting tired of dealing with sociopathic computer
fans just to be able to use the work of upstream authors.

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