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Re: NM = good, DD = bad

On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 04:08:17PM +0200, Bruno Brandris wrote:
> This aint a comedy actually. But I was asked by Julien Danjou
> (another angry Debian Developer) by a gentle email to stop
> spamming this mailing list, because he 
> "do[esn]t have a fucking shit interest" in my topics.
> Is somebody willing to explain how such people manage to pass
> the new maintainer process?

Not me.

> Even computer illiterates know what spam is.

You must be worse than a computer illiterate then.

<Lo-lan-do> Home is where you have to wash the dishes.
  -- #debian-devel, Freenode, 2004-09-22

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