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I am completely new to Linux. For long years I was a MacOS user and now I will move forward. From all I red Debian is the best choice.
I downloaded the Debian/PowerPC_etch FIRST CD and I red with close attention the ?Debian GNU/Linux Installation Manual?. Because it is not useful to download all the 22 CD images I have a question (after reading section of the Manual): What number CD image has the KDE install? Is the ?debian-40r3-powerpc-kde-CD-1.iso? a Debian GNU/Linux install disc with KDE as the default GUI? Can I use it as a first install CD to get KDE right away (if so which is the KDE version on it?)?

Final question (curiosity), I read about a Linux application called ?Blender?, this application needs glibc 2.3.6., which is the glibc version that comes with Debian 4.0r3?
Thank you very much for you kind attention, and keep on the good work?

Sérgio A.S. Franco, M. A.

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