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Re: Debian Live (Was: Debian Logo Use)

Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> While Debian Live is really nice, some things could be improved about
> it. Each time I wanted to use it, I ran into an issue that required
> going to IRC to ask how to work around the problem (the problem was
> always already known).

as you know, debian testing and unstable are in flux and depends heavily
on the maintainers ability to fix core packages for debian-live (e.g.
kernel-modules). if those are broken, debian-live is broken.

> It would really be a good thing to have tested snapshots (in addition
> to the daily builds, which are not guaranteed to work AFAIK), so people
> could just download images, write them to an USB stick, and enjoy. We
> don't need to have perfectly up-to-date tested snapshots. Updating them
> every 2-3 months would clearly be enough.

see ml; images are back on live.d.n, whereas *-builds/ are autobuilds
and release/ are manually tested images (though release is currently
rsyncing in).

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