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Re: State of the project - input needed

On Fri, Jan 25, 2008 at 10:10:41AM +0000, Steve Langasek wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 24, 2008 at 11:35:02AM +0100, Michael Banck wrote:
> > > - what are the major changes in the project and our product(s) since
> > >   the etch release?
> > I feel the release team tools are getting improved more and more, making
> > library transitions (and testing transitions in general) smoother, and
> > thus testing more and more usable.  Though I guess the release team is
> > in a better position to comment on this.
> > The new dpkg symbol handling will further dramatically improve testing
> > mitgrations once the big libraries are using it.
> The main source of difficulty with library transitions is soname changes.
> dpkg symbol handling does nothing to alleviate this pain; the only things
> that would make a difference are upstreams learning to develop stable ABIs,
> maintainers of dependent packages not carelessly disrupting the transitions,
> or a solution to the problem that soname transitions must currently be
> handled as forklift copies into testing.

I didn't mean to say dpkg symbols would help with library transitions,
but I was under the impression that they help with testing migrations in
general - namely when a package rebuilt against a library with new
symbols doesn't necessarily need to go in together with the library
because it does not use any of the new symbols, thus depending on an
earlier version of the library already in testing.

Maybe this is not really an issue right now anyway, I haven't really
thought this through.


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