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Re^3: ideas regarding a conflict management strategy

Russ Allbery, thanks a lot for your opinion.

I will use your E-Mail not to continue my topic on your back now,
but you make a few interesting points that help me to go one step further with my explanations.

You are correct that my first E-Mail was very much simplified and non-scientifical. I can only describe observations and personal opinion, because I am not a scientist. And I am aware of the fact that a certain type of personality has more problems to accept opinions of other people than others, especially if the opinion does not seem scientifically proven.
That has also to do with the way some people think of the right approach to understand all the questions in life. If you take the point of view of many people who learn from sports magazines or TV shows, if you take the point of view from an expert for english literature, if you take the point of view from a physics student or the point of view from a philosopher.
Its again no boolean type of choice between right and wrong. Fans of Douglas Adams know the humor behind the approach to find the universal answer.
In my humble opinion, a complete personality is able to adapt answers from all kinds of different scientific disciplines, not only from that field where you had good marks in school or in the subjects where you graduaded.
I heard Debian Developers say about Ian Murdock that he talks out of his skull and that he has to shut up. And their justification was that he only studied economy and trade instead of physics. Which makes it a fundamental problem for the Debian project, because that spirit is poisoned.
There surely was a time where the ability to write good code and a general understanding of computer science was good enough to keep a large group of people together to work on certain tasks. But a mature and huge project like Debian requires social skills, too.

Also in that context a similar point of criticism: no actionable content provided yet
I had reasons why I dont fill the pipe with E-Mails that contain 20 pages long efforts if the expectation is pretty hostile feedback.
Careful people dont build an entire house so others can just go and destroy it to have fun. 
I try to take this in small steps.
And if the voiced feedback stays hostile I wont give my life to sell you my ideas about social ethics for the price of a punch in the face. And dont get me wrong here. I dont smell big business. I will repeat myself. I see this as my way of contributing to the community.

And for the last point that I chose a poor forum for that discussion I cant say much. The mailing list description says its for discussions about the Debian project. When a conflict management system is off-topic there, please instruct me.

And scientifical or not - the ability to feel empathy can be learned.

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