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Re: RFC: Introducing Debian Enhancement Proposals (DEPs)

On 16/01/08 at 12:18 +0100, Adeodato Simó wrote:
> Hi,
> Lars Wirzenius, Stefano Zacchiroli and myself are trying to introduce
> the concept of Debian Enhancement Proposals, which I had in mind for
> many months until purely by chance, in the Extremadura QA meeting last
> December, I brought it up to Lars, and together with Zack we produced an
> initial draft. After some feedback on that draft and some later work, we
> are now bringing it up for discussion here.


Thanks a lot for working on this.

I really like the idea. It might sound like a lot of bureaucracy at the
first sight, but when you read it more closely, it's just a way to
formalize the current best practices that we already use (or should
really use).

> Suggested document contents:
> * An introduction, giving an overview of the situation and the motivation
>   for the DEP.
> * A plan for implementation, especially indicating what parts of Debian need
>   to be changed, and preferably indicating who will do the work.
> * Preferably a list of criteria to judge whether the implementation has been
>   a success.
> * Links to mailing list threads, perhaps highlighting particularly important
>   messages. If discussion happens on IRC, pointers to logs would be nice.

* An history of changes made to the DEP, with their rationale, or links
  to emails explaining giving it.

... which you did:

> Changes
> -------
> * 2008-01-15:
>   [ Adeodato Simó ]
>   * Add section about how to create a DEP.
>   * Rewrite "Introduction" (splitting "Motivation" off), and parts of
>     "Workflow" as well.
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