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Re: RFC: Introducing Debian Enhancement Proposals (DEPs)

On Wednesday 16 January 2008, Adeodato Simó wrote:
> Lars Wirzenius, Stefano Zacchiroli and myself are trying to introduce
> the concept of Debian Enhancement Proposals, which I had in mind for
> many months until purely by chance, in the Extremadura QA meeting last
> December, I brought it up to Lars, and together with Zack we produced an
> initial draft. After some feedback on that draft and some later work, we
> are now bringing it up for discussion here.

Nice idea.

> Creating a DEP
> --------------
> The procedure to create a DEP is simple: send an e-mail to
> `debian-project@lists.debian.org`, stating that you're taking the next
> available number, and including the first paragraph of the DEP as
> explained above. It is very important to include the list of drivers,
> and the URL where the draft will be kept up to date. The next available
> DEP number can be obtained by consulting <http://dep.debian.net>.

Until I read this paragraph I was thinking that the initial proposals should 
maybe be announced on d-d-a so that at least all DDs could be informed 
about the proposal. I'm still unsure whether that would not be a good idea 
or not.
Even if d-project is considered a better list for these announcements, the 
announcement should at least also mention where the DEP will be discussed.

I also wonder if for more invasive proposals, a final draft proposal should 
not be published on d-d-a so that the whole Debian developer community has 
at least a last chance to comment. After all, a lot of people may not be 
interested in initial discussions and fleshing out of an idea but may well 
want to comment on a concrete proposal.

One example for this.
I know that Neil Williams has been working on "translation debs", mostly 
from the PoV of emdebbian, but with an option of a general implementation 
in Debian. I've seen some blogs about it, but AFAIK a concrete proposal has 
never been offered to the whole Debian community, even though it may have a 
major impact. Most DDs will not have been subscribed to the lists where 
this was discussed.


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