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Re: Debian e-mail and UUCP

Nicolas Boullis wrote:
> Hi,
> Currently, my @d.o e-mail is forwarded to my e-mail at my ISP, where I 
> pop it with fetchmail to my home server. Unfortunately, my ISP appears 
> to be dropping some of my messages, probably pretending to be fighting 
> spam.
> Since my home server is not on 24x7, I don't think that forwarding my 
> @d.o email directly with SMTP would be a solution, so I thought about 
> using UUCP.
> I have done a private UUCP installation on master, and am using UUCP to 
> forward my <login>-uucp@d.o e-mail to my home server by UUCP. My home 
> server, when it is on, fetches messages every 5 minutes. I have 
> redirected one low-trafic mailing-list subscription to both this 
> <login>-uucp@d.o e-mail and my ISP's e-mail. FIrstly, everything seems 
> to work fine with the UUCP setup. Secondly, I've already seen several 
> messages that came in only by the UUCP side, which confirms the mail 
> losses.
> Now, I consider copying my .forward-uucp as .forward and redirecting my 
> @d.o e-mail in LDAP to @master.d.o.
> Is there any problem with such a setup? Or has anyone a better 
> suggestion?

The "official" way for this would be to use the bsmtp service on gluck.
Having a private UUCP installation on master is... interesting.



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