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Debian e-mail and UUCP


Currently, my @d.o e-mail is forwarded to my e-mail at my ISP, where I 
pop it with fetchmail to my home server. Unfortunately, my ISP appears 
to be dropping some of my messages, probably pretending to be fighting 

Since my home server is not on 24x7, I don't think that forwarding my 
@d.o email directly with SMTP would be a solution, so I thought about 
using UUCP.

I have done a private UUCP installation on master, and am using UUCP to 
forward my <login>-uucp@d.o e-mail to my home server by UUCP. My home 
server, when it is on, fetches messages every 5 minutes. I have 
redirected one low-trafic mailing-list subscription to both this 
<login>-uucp@d.o e-mail and my ISP's e-mail. FIrstly, everything seems 
to work fine with the UUCP setup. Secondly, I've already seen several 
messages that came in only by the UUCP side, which confirms the mail 

Now, I consider copying my .forward-uucp as .forward and redirecting my 
@d.o e-mail in LDAP to @master.d.o.

Is there any problem with such a setup? Or has anyone a better 



PS: please CC replies to me, as I don't read -project regularly.

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