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Re: linhdd concerns (was: Re: Updated Debian Maintainers Keyring)

Jaldhar H. Vyas dijo [Sat, Nov 24, 2007 at 11:13:29AM -0500]:
> >Mohammed and Jaldhar, as advocates (and AM) of Kartik, do you have
> >anything to add here?
> >
> Mainly I have worked with Kartik on Debian-IN packages and there I
> have no complaints.  Lately, I have been sponsoring some of his
> other packages and on the occasions that I have spotted packaging
> problems (few, and none as bad as this.) Kartik has fixed them and
> not repeated the error.
> As I suggested on IRC yesterday, maybe he should cut down on the
> amount of packages he is maintaining and drop some of the more
> complicated ones but I do think he is capable of maintaining
> packages on his own in general.

I have sponsored several of Kartik's uploads as well, regarding
xosview (for which I am the previous maintainer). Some months ago,
yes, Kartik needed quite a bit of hand-holding. As of now, however, I
do agree his packaging (on what I have seen - this means, on xosview)
_is_ of enough quality.

So... Well, I do hope this public flaming regarding the fdisk messup
is enough to fix the mistake (not minor by any means, but still a
mistake) he did. Of course, as sponsors we are meant to check the
uploaded packages do build and work correctly, and as a
sponsoree/trainee he should be very careful when playing with
overrides (in most cases, lintian/linda _do_ know best!)...

...But I do feel he should be given the DM privileges. And, of course,
Kartik, please keep your eyes open! ;-)


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