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Re: Updated Debian Maintainers Keyring

On 11212 March 1977, Steve McIntyre wrote:

>>> dm:kartik.mistry@gmail.com
>>>     Full name: Kartik Mistry
>>I don't know if that was such a good idea, see #452464

> Wow, the linhdd package is *special*. Based on initial analysis of
> this package, please remove:
>  * the DM (Kartik Mistry) from the keyring (he clearly needs to learn
>    more before he should be allowed to upload directly)

Ack from me, making it two developers already.
CCing the d-m-team list, so they definitely see the request and can do
another upload soon, removing this one key.

>  * the package itself

Its gone.

> I expect a *much* higher standard of packages in our archive, and I
> hope I'm not alone here.


bye Joerg
A BSP means that many DDs and other mere mortals get together to play
xroach. Sadly, that package was removed from Debian some time ago, so
they have to squash other bugs (preferably RC) instead.

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