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Re: linhdd concerns

Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@gwolf.org> writes:
> I have sponsored several of Kartik's uploads as well, regarding
> xosview (for which I am the previous maintainer). Some months ago,
> yes, Kartik needed quite a bit of hand-holding. As of now, however, I
> do agree his packaging (on what I have seen - this means, on xosview)
> _is_ of enough quality.

Yay. So he now is skilled enough, but he never remembered the ugly hack
he put in the archive with the help of a sponsor.

> So... Well, I do hope this public flaming regarding the fdisk messup
> is enough to fix the mistake (not minor by any means, but still a
> mistake) he did. Of course, as sponsors we are meant to check the
> uploaded packages do build and work correctly, and as a
> sponsoree/trainee he should be very careful when playing with
> overrides (in most cases, lintian/linda _do_ know best!)...
> ...But I do feel he should be given the DM privileges. And, of course,
> Kartik, please keep your eyes open! ;-)

That's a bit weird. He produces a package with a major bug, ignores
*all* hints by lintian and is now rewarded for that by getting upload
permissions? Please consider this my urgent request to remove him from
the DM keyring. Also, perhaps this event is a sign that the current
review process is not perfect yet.

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