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Re: Updated Debian Maintainers Keyring

On Sat, Nov 24, 2007 at 10:37:39AM +0000, Charles Plessy wrote:
> In the end, what is the punishment? removing the upload rights, or
> public bashing? Public bahsing is so easy, because everybody can punish
> each other, and do not even need to be right… I think that Debian
> desserves better procedures to deal with mistakes.

I've seen no bashing yet, only statement for facts: the packaging is way
under Debian's standards, and should be fixed, and the uploader hence
isn't ready for being a DD nor a DM.

If it was bashing, we would have read:
  * packaging is crap ;
  * maintainer is a moron ;
  * sponsor is so careless and stupid that he let this through.
Fortunately I saw none of the previous yet, only you overreacting.
Could you please step off your big horses ?

My point on the issue: when you ask for being a DD or a DM you ask for a
public review of your work. There is a probability or a risk for it not
to meet Debian quality standards, and that someone will state it.  And
if you _really_ want to blame someone, then blame people that advocate
or sponsor others without really checking anything thoroughly and sent
this application in the open.

Note to every DD out there: if you advocate anyone, other developers
_will_ check the work of the guy you just advocated. It's not a choice
to be done lightly, because if you advocate people that aren't ready,
they will meet way more difficulties than the slight frustration of you
explaining to them they aren't ready. It's your role as a sponsor to be
sure the guy you sponsor is ready and gets things right.

·O·  Pierre Habouzit
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