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Re: do all of MJRs subjects sound like they were ripped from the Daily Mail? [was: Re: Is debian profiting from forced child labour?]

Pierre Habouzit <madcoder@debian.org> wrote: [...]
> Except that Debian is not responsible of what Debian-related Orgs do
> (Unless I'm mistaken, Debian UK and friends aren't affiliated to
> `Debian`). Though you may want to port that to SPI, to whom associations
> may want to be affiliated to. Debian is _not_ the highest level, it's
> not in the same hierarchy. [...]

The debian project is responsible for what its trademark licensees do,
in some ways.  SPI generally defers to the project on that, as
explained by its Position and Promises about Intellectual Property

The debian project is a higher level in this particular tree.  Even if
anyone thinks this is for SPI to do, I believe SPI would need
instruction from this project before it acts.

Hope that explains,
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