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Re: do all of MJRs subjects sound like they were ripped from the Daily Mail? [was: Re: Is debian profiting from forced child labour?]

Pierre Habouzit <madcoder@debian.org> wrote: [...]
> If MjR has issues with the company Debian-UK (or any other alike
> organization) he buys his t-shirts from, then he should mention it to
> this organization's board, and the ethics of the company should be
> questioned. Optionally we could set-up a Debian wiki page to remind to
> Debian related non profits that some companies they may buy goods for
> may be quite eager to look away when it comes to how their goods are
> created.

I believe it's most efficient to apply this bugfix at the highest
level possible.  So, I try Debian (the licensor) before trying
individual licensees one at a time.  I'd try to fix a memory leak in a
library by fixing the library in preference to trying to work around
it in every program.

There was also some information-gathering in my request and it seems
this question is being lost: Do we have any knowledge about whether
current debian clothes are products of forced child labour?

> But yes I believe that Debian is making software and has no point in
> taking such positions. [...]

The project has already taken a position by licensing its trademark to
some traders and not others.  Anyone who believes it has no point in
taking such positions should be working to either revoke or
public-license it.

Do we know anything more than http://www.debian.org/trademark about
our licensees?  Are there other licensees not listed there?

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