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Re: Poll: Debian Trademark Policy

Francesco Poli <frx@firenze.linux.it> wrote:
> Is this poll concerned with the word "DEBIAN", with the logos, or both?

The poll includes both, but as you note, some of the options only
seem to cover the word at present.  Whether we should develop them to
also cover the logos is an interesting question for later, but not
really about the general approach.

> Was the discussion held on debian-legal (back in April) intentionally
> left over?

Yes, it was intentionally left out.  It seemed to be discussing
ProposedTrademarkPolicy, which is an option on the poll.

> [...] I already pointed it out to you [...]

Sorry, I'm lagging.  Now I've decided that some are deliberately
trying to snow me under by trying to make me do me pointless tasks,
I'm firewalling them, so things will improve.

> Is this poll open to DDs only?
> Or is anyone interested encouraged to participate?

Open to all.  I think this affects all contributors, whether DD or
not, commercial or not.

Hope that clarifies,
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