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Re: Poll: Debian Trademark Policy

On Wed, 27 Jun 2007 12:30:26 +0100 MJ Ray wrote:

> Which of the following do you think should be the basis of the future
> debian trademark policy?

Some of the proposed policies focus on the word "DEBIAN" trademark
(which is, AFAIUI, the only registered trademark that is owned by SPI on
behalf of the Debian Project), others also talk about the two logos
(Open Use Logo and Official Use Logo, which are, AFAIUI, unregistered

Is this poll concerned with the word "DEBIAN", with the logos, or both?

> [ ] - Announcement About the Debian Trademark
> http://www.debian.org/News/1998/19980306a

This only talks about the word "DEBIAN", it seems.

> [ ] - Licensing all businesses on request under "non-exclusive,
> royalty-free, non-transferable" terms (as currently used for some
> in addition to the above - I will publish sample terms if permitted)
> [ ] - TrademarkFreedom
> http://wiki.mako.cc/TrademarkFreedom?action=recall&rev=6

This looks like an incomplete draft: there are some parts which read
"keep filling this in" and similar...
I'm not sure I can imagine how would a finalized version look like...

> [ ] - ProposedTrademarkPolicy
> http://wiki.debian.org/ProposedTrademarkPolicy?action=recall&rev=7
> [ ] - something else

Was the discussion held on debian-legal (back in April) intentionally
left over?
I mean the one that starts here:

I already pointed it out to you in
but I saw no response.

> Email it to mjr-trademarkpoll@debian.org with 1 2 3 4 5 in the boxes,
> so we can see which way to head.  I'll summarise in a week or two.

Is this poll open to DDs only?
Or is anyone interested encouraged to participate?

> Other comments also welcome, to me or to a list.

The comments above are intended to ask for clarifications, for anyone's
benefit: that's why I chose to send them publicly to both debian-legal
and debian-project.

Disclaimers: IANAL, IANADD.

P.S.: I'm subscribed to debian-legal, but not to debian-project; no need
to Cc: me, so long as debian-legal is in the loop...

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