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Re: Social Contract ten years on July 5 -- celebration?

Alle mercoledì 27 giugno 2007, Holger Levsen ha scritto:
> I know it's a bit boring answer, but how about a press release? (About 10
> years SC and Debian local groups celebrating this with beers in pubs
> worldwide...) ;-)

Also, how about a call for *brief* essays on DDs' experience of social 
aspects, issues etc. to collect together (in next months) into a book under 
some free license?

This would be interesting both inside and outside Debian, and I would be glad 
to translate it. :-) Furthermore, it could also be printed on paper, maybe 
with the official Debian logo on the front cover (maybe also signed by 
somebody ;-) ), and shipped to people who make a donation throug SPI to the 
Debian project.

Luca Brivio

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