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Re: soc-ctte discussion at DebConf7

Kevin Mark <kevin.mark@verizon.net> writes:
> What is the difference between 'a list admin' and 'a small list admin
> team' in this situation?

Nothing, really, I just believe in teams in volunteer work, because
then it's more likely that somebody in the team has the time and the
energy to do what's needed.

> Also, why wouldn't (it be the duty of a DD/it
> be in the interest of a DD) to make such notification to an offending
> individual in private and to CC another officlal (list admin, DPL,
> soc-ctte leader,etc.) so that the official can be alerted and if
> necessary make the suspension or other appropriate action?

Most people have an innate respect for the authority. If a listmaster
mails me saying that my posts to -project are inappropriate because of
X, I'm more likely to believe him than a random developer saying the
same thing. I'm not a social scientist, though, so I cannot say if my
generalization is valid.

And, having DD's do the step one would just mean that the burden for
making decisions falls again on the listmasters, who have said that
they much rather not have that burden (and I agree, they've signed up
for the technical administration, not social). Also, in that case I
agree with MJ's point that it's better if the decisions are made by
somebody who is familiar with the problem, not by somebody who has to
first study it.

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