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Re: Social committee proposal

On Thu, 7 Jun 2007, Andreas Barth wrote:

I think it would be better if the committee is re-elected from the
developers at large - perhaps half of their size

I see no chance to define half of their size precisely.  It immediately
opens a lot of question.  One of these questions is "Which half?".
So either re-electing all or nobody is an option.

every years for a two
years time (and doing the elections at the same time as the DPL)?

I think only voting in he same ballot will find wide acceptance amongst
the DDs (provided that devotee is able to process to different ballots
in one mail).

BTW, I think the leader should not be a member of the soc-ctte.
So in case a member of the soc-ctte is elected as leader somebody
else has to step in.  For simplification of voting process I think
the next highest ranked for the soc-ctte should become a member
instead somebody who won the leader election.

While I'm not convinced that the soc-ctte has really to be
reelected on a regular basis (read: I'm undecided between Ian's
and Josip's proposal concerning this point) we would have to
find a method to substitute a soc-ctte member that might have
become leader in any other way if we do no regular elections.

Kind regards



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