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Re: Expulsion process: Sven Luther - Decision

Andreas Tille wrote:
>On Wed, 28 Mar 2007, Sven Luther wrote:
>>because i
>>was not pliable enough to the power-hungryness of a few who believe themselves
>>debian overlords, and with this current precedent, i only question who is
>Well, if you think this would be the reason I'm sitting probably next to
>the expulsion chair and I know many DDs who will sit in a row with myself.
>I doubt that power-hungryness is the reason for the problems you faced.

Having publicly asked the DPL to undelegate one of the DAMs, I suspect
that I would sit in the row with Andreas.  The DAM in question, James
Troup, is still in power, yet I must confess that I am aware of no
suggestion, plot, movement or threat by him or by anyone else to suspend
or expel me from the Project for being obnoxious to James.  (By
confessing, I do not deny the strange-seeming nature of the lingering
case of Goswin von Brederlow, but that is neither an expulsion matter
nor a matter I understand well.)

The difference is that Andreas and I do not several times daily demand
the attention of hundreds of Debian list subscribers to air our
complaints, nor do we repeatedly, vexatiously petition the Technical
Committee, etc.  When other DDs deny us what we want, we generally
accept the fact in good humor and move quietly along about our
business---as a result of which, we seldom actually encounter DDs who
stonewalledly deny us what we want (including Frans Pop, a good man
whose good name the present dispute has undeservedly tarnished).  We
disagree sometimes, but we get along.

In my own instance, I petitioned for James' removal, lost, and shut up.
In Sven's instance ... well, never mind; we've already discussed Sven's
case enough.  Suffice it to say that my own e-mail killfile includes few
names, but that among them for the past two years or so has stood Sven's
(whom I do not dislike, but whose voluminious e-mail I will not spare
the time to read).

The Project's governance problems are severe enough without adding to
them abuses that do not exist.  Debian's present DAMs have never shown
any sign, as far as I am aware, of threatening any DD's membership on
account of anti-cabalism or other dissent.  Andreas is right.

Thaddeus H. Black

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