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Re: notable Debian contributions in 2006

Roberto C. Sánchez <roberto@connexer.com> wrote:

> > The GPL is known to be asymmetric (which is a problem) and even the founder
> > of Debian does not follow your strange ideas on interpreting the GPL.....
> > 
> > http://ianmurdock.com/?p=278
> > 
> > (see 3rd paragraph)
> > 
> Umm, Ian Murdock had a problem with the overreaction since it involved
> two distinct and separate pieces of software (dpkg and libc).  With
> cdrtools, it is *one* piece of software.  In fact the issue is not even
> that you can't do what you have.  As the copyright holder, you can do as
> you please.  It is just that your choice has made it impossible for
> others to legally redistribute.

You are still ignoring facts....
Cdrtools is a collection of several projects.

> > You still ignore facts!
> > 
> What facts?
> > I was quoting one of the leading X.org members who is obviously better
> > informed than you.
> > 
> Really?  Who?  Where is the press release or public statement containing
> that quote?

I do not have the time to find this out for you.... you would need to 
find out yourself which Xorg person did talk on a TU-Berlin event in 2004.


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