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Re: Social Committee proposal text (diff)

On Mon, Feb 12, 2007 at 12:44:40PM -0500, Joe Smith wrote:
> >>and I would think that social problems / discussions should be considered
> >>even more private.
> >
> >I disagree - if a problem is severe enough to get brought before soc-ctte,
> >it's out in the open already, and needs to be dealt with transparently.
> Not nessesarally. A nasty non-technical dispute could occur on -private.
> I belive that the soc-ctte could be asked to deal with this. It may not be
> public, and it is possible that it should not be public.
> That is especially true if the issue is privacy related.

Well, the soc-ctte will function like tech-ctte. If a developer, be they a
member of the ctte or not, screws up and posts sensitive info to soc-ctte
public list - I'm not really sure that's something that can be regulated.

Anyway, things can be discussed on debian-private and then people can decide
what to do. I could imagine a situation where the leader delegates it to the
soc-ctte to consider a particular issue behind closed doors. It wouldn't be
"normal", but this should be an exception rather than a rule.

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