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Re: Criteria for a successful DPL board

On Mon, Feb 12, 2007, Andreas Schuldei wrote:

> just to clarify my point: I am all for critical feedback,
> preferably in a friendly and constructive manner. To read it on a
> public mailinglist constitutes both a waste of bandwidth (as
> hundred of people who are not involved in your personal
> improvement also read it and it most likely also destroys trust
> which one needs to work together further down the road.

> Resolving personal conflicts and trying to help someone to improve as
> a person/leader/whatnot should happen privately rather then publicly
> on mailinglists.

   While I'd rather agree on the person/whatnot point, I don't think
the same rules apply to people who want to be leaders. While I'm all
for being gentle to our newcomers, prospective leaders (be them DPL
candidates or more general leaders) need to grow a skin and face public

   It may be sad, but Debian history shows that each time a good old
"*** is harming Debian by doing nothing/blocking key positions/refusing
my help/ignoring emails" public flamefest occurs, out of the ether pops
a magical solution to one of the issues at stake. Panem ex machina to
calm the masses.

> Awareness of public appearance IS important for the DPL or a DPL
> board, as what ever they say will and can be picked up by the
> press and will fall back on debian as a whole. To have a public
> infighting committee acting as Debian's board is a reciept for
> desaster and not going to help to inspire trust in users.

   I long ago started believing the users who gave a damn were already

echo "creationism" | tr -d "holy godly goal"

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