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Re: Criteria for a successful DPL board

* Sam Hocevar (sam@zoy.org) [070212 18:27]:
>    I beg to differ. I have a lot of disagreements with Raphael, to say
> the least. He will definitely not be at the top of my ballot (although I
> shouldn't say that until every candidate has shown up) for many reasons.
> However, if he gets elected and what he is proposing is set up and
> he asks me to take part in it, depending on what it looks like, I'd
> probably prefer to be inside rather than watch it from the outside,
> because he'll choose people I am perfectly happy to work with, including
> Raphael himself. And I don't give a damn about "awareness for public
> appearance", if I suck I'd like to hear it even from people who work
> with me. It hurts but this is not kindergarten anymore, are we here to
> say pretty things to each other or to get work done?

just to clarify my point: I am all for critical feedback,
preferably in a friendly and constructive manner. To read it on a
public mailinglist constitutes both a waste of bandwidth (as
hundred of people who are not involved in your personal
improvement also read it and it most likely also destroys trust
which one needs to work together further down the road.Resolving
personal conflicts and trying to help someone to improve as a
person/leader/whatnot should happen privately rather then
publicly on mailinglists.

Awareness of public appearance IS important for the DPL or a DPL
board, as what ever they say will and can be picked up by the
press and will fall back on debian as a whole. To have a public
infighting committee acting as Debian's board is a reciept for
desaster and not going to help to inspire trust in users.

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