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Re: Debian in the Federal Government

Roberto C. Sanchez escribió:
> I once asked someone at one of these places why they don't use something
> like CentOS or Debian.  The response that I got was something to do with
> having someone to hold accountable outside the organization, someone to
> call and yell at when things go wrong and with the idea being ingrained
> into everyone that software must be licensed.  Of course, at most of

Yes, that seems to be the main reason why some organizations tend to
choose commercial distributions over Community-based distributions such
as Debian or Gentoo. It happens here in Venezuela, too, though Debian is
the distribution of choice of the Venezuelan Government in most

I think, however, that Debian has improved the way people see it and has
become a great contender for commercial distributions since it provides
stable software, standards compliance and has many (many!) successful
deployments in lots of use cases around the World. Not much can be done
by the Project to "change the way people see Linux distributions"
besides keeping the good job and innovating in critical areas.

> Unfortunately, I don't know of any places within the government, no
> matter how Linux-friendly, that use Debian unless it is "hidden" as the
> underpinnings of something purchased from a contractor or reseller or in
> an embedded device.

That depends on which government you're talking about :-D


José M. Parrella -> Debian Sid, k2.6.18
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