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Re: Criteria for a successful DPL board

On Mon, Feb 12, 2007 at 11:37:53AM +0100, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> - more momentum to the leadership: clearly a single leader is swamped with
>   administrivia and even the addition of a 2IC didn't let Anthony finish
>   his first proposal (about giving single-package upload rights to some
>   people which don't want to become full DD but want to maintain just one
>   or two packages)

  Ack, that could be good, and in that respect, one or two more people
is good. It's quite hard to estimate from a non-DPL point of view how
loud the pressure is. Mabye past DPL's could give some insight about
this ?

> - better decision taking: when you have a big discussion, it's difficult to take a
>   decison alone, you take the sole responsibility of it... whereas when
>   you're 10 which are deciding, it's easier to assume the outcome.

  hrm, if you really need "help" to take a decision, 3, or 10 is not
better than 1. the DPL does not needs a DPL team to discuss a decision,
he has the secretary, the tech-ctte when it's technical, the rm's when
it's related to the release, etc… And if it's _that_ controversal, then
a discussion among all the developers has to take place anyway, and 3 5
10 or 40 people in the DPL Team can't change that (at least in the
current wording of the constitution, that says that the DPL should
follow a consensual leadership).

> - better respect of the leadership: if you don't like the leader, it's
>   easy to dismiss any of its decision,

  I think recent history showed that's not true.

>   but if you have 6 people in the board that you respect and 4 that
>   you don't trust too much, you're more likely to accept the outcome
>   of a given decision.

  I don't see how that's true, or you have a really biased way to accept
decisions. I accept decisions based on their inherent qualities, not
based on whom decided them. So to me this argument is scurvy.

> It's also a form of leadership that fits better our own internal workings..
> If a board member goes MIA, we still have 9 others who are there.

  If a DPL knows he's unreliable he should be the first one to find
succession, or even not nominate himself in the first place. MIA
developers are enough of a shame to not even dare to suppose a DPL can
go MIA.

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