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Re: Social Committee proposal text (diff)

Josip Rodin <joy@entuzijast.net> writes:
> Think of scale - right now we need 16 people to 'win' the election, and
> the seats last twice as long as the leadership seat. It made sense to me -
> please say if it doesn't to you.

One question related to the Concordet method: does it fullfill the
representative criteria?

AFAIUI the Concordet method allows this (please correct me if I'm

We have two groups of people, A and B. A has 20 people, B 10. A fields
candidates a1, a2 and a3, and B fields b1, b2 and b3. We are about to
elect three people.

All A people post ballots a1,a2,a3,NOTA,b1,b2,b3, and all B people
post ballots b1,b2,b3,NOTA,a1,a2,a3.

In your suggestion the first three people to be elected would be a1,
a2 and a3, as they all beat all B candidates. In a representative
election a1, a2 and b1 should be elected, instead.

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