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Re: Social Committee proposal (taking decisions by direct voting)

On Sun, Jan 28, 2007 at 12:40:30PM +0100, Frederic Lehobey wrote:
> And what about having the election body enlarged to the complete (or
> voluntary) developers crowd with a permanent and _easy_ way of voting.
> Note that I do not want to replace debate by voting. I simply prefer
> to replace endless (and exhausting) discussions by decisions.

Everybody voting on everything is not a direct solution for that problem;
having someone break the cycle of endless discussion at the right time would
be quite sufficient. Having soc-ctte (to whom people could appeal to get
this done) would go a long way towards that fixing that issue.

> If I understand well, the currently preferred way to solve conflicts
> (even minor ones) is first trying to reach a consensus among the
> developers through mailing lists, and in a last resort, in case of a
> failure to build a consensus, calling for ctte or DPL mediation or
> even start a GR.

See, there you identified the major leap - we either have a normal process
where everyone gets along anyway, or we have the 'last resort' options.

We *don't* currently have a ctte for social problems, so the last resolt
is either the DPL, meaning bothering one single person, or GR, meaning
bothering everybody. Both of those options are inefficient beyond reproach.

> A (free software) tool for making direct voting and decision taking
> easy is developed there:
> http://www.demexp.org/main/doku.php?id=english
> It could be of interest to the Debian project as a whole (that has
> been a source of inspiration by its voting method)

Well, direct democracy would be a radical change. I'm not convinced that
you should lump these two issues together - please start a new thread
instead (what you just did is actually referred to as 'thread stealing').

> or for decision taking in sub-committees (as the soc-ctte at discussion
> there).

That might be more applicable, but we'd first have to have soc-ctte. :)

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