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Re: Social Committee proposal

Josip Rodin <joy@entuzijast.net> writes:
> Yes, but that would mean that it could have hundreds of members.
> That's just not manageable.

You're an optimist, I would think that there are at most a few dozen
interested people in Debian. But yes, in theory you could have as many
member as there are DD's (assuming that the membership would be
limited to DD's only).

> It would be inherently less accountable because people don't have any means
> to replace its members. Should we really let anyone join, and then have to
> convince the leader or do a general resolution vote every time we want to
> replace someone who's doing something wrong?

Well, now I'm being optimist, but I would think that a vote to replace
a member would happen a lot less often than a (yearly) election.

FWIW, I'm for a group of people taking an active role in tackling our
social problems. I'm just not sure if an elected committee is the best
way of doing that.

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