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Re: Social Committee proposal

Josip Rodin <joy@entuzijast.net> writes:
> The problem with a an ad hoc group is the composition. We need elections
> to get it the group be representative and to be accountable.

An ad hoc group would most likely be composed of those people wanting
to work with the issues. Depending on how the group is composed
(closed or open membership) no one wanting to work wouldn't be left
out. An election inherently means that some people wanting to work
with the issues are left out (not always, as often in large volunteer
bodies you struggle to fill out the minimum, IME).

Why would an ad hoc body be less accountable than an elected body?
The body needs some kind of check to have any power, be it either a
DPL delegation or a direct constitutional power, but in either case
there should be a way to make the group accountable, even if they are
not elected.

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