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Re: Social Committee proposal

[Josip Rodin]
> I also think that a social committee would be a good idea.  Even if
> unrefined and/or undefined, just the notion of having both a
> technical and a social committee would indicate major progress in our
> way of thinking.

Pretty words.  What problem is this supposed to solve?  What benefits
can we expect from "major progress in our way of thinking"?

> This one could be tricky to phrase. Maybe - "Decide on any social
> matter, including social norms and customs, non-technical
> communication among developers, and day-to-day organization matters
> within the Project."

For example?  For every social problem I can think of in Debian, the
solutions are not enforceable by a committee vote, unless you give them
the authority currently held by the DAMs, listmasters and ftpmasters.
That is, the only ways I can see to effect social reforms is to be able
to throw people out of the project, or restrict their list postings, or
restrict their uploads.  Anything less is just empty gestures.  People
who cause social problems don't stop just because someone asks them to

Or is this, just like way too many other threads in Debian, really
about Sven Luther needing a better ombudsman?

Perhaps you need to import a bit more context from -private.

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