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Re: Debian, Iceweasle, Firefox!

On Sam, 27 Jan 2007, Piotr Dziubinski wrote:
> Iceweasel and Firefox are a different products, very similar, but different.

Can YOU please explain me what *important* differences there are?

If you miss the firefox logo, and the word "firefox" in the title bar,
then ok, well, run stable.

Otherwise I would like to see what kind of OPERATIONAL difference you
have found:
- you still can fall iceweasel as "firefox" on the command line
- you can browse the web *IN THE EXACT SAME WAY*

So what is the difference that started to make you angry?

Do you know that what has happend with firefox/iceweasel you probably
have experiences hundred of times WITHOUT EVEN REALISING?? New packages
which override others are created permanently, and the old packages go
into transitional state where they ask only for the new ones.

If you have currently tetex-* on your computer, you will soon miss it
probably, but there will be texlive there ...

But with the same (or better) functionality.

So please stop whining about something which is happening permanently
and *makes sense*, and either go to stable, or live with it.

And if you are soooo desperate to have the firefox logo, just download
ot from www.mozilla.org and put it on you desktop background.

Best wishes


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