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Re: Debian, Iceweasle, Firefox!

I'm irritated cause I expect that operating system will ask me about such kind of changes.
It is a reason why I have started to use Linux. I want to have complete control in all changes made in my operating system. As You mentioned, Iceweasel isn't real Firefox.
If I knew that upgrade of Firefox, would change my Firefox into Iceweasel, I wouldn't do it!


On 1/27/07, Roberto C. Sanchez <roberto@connexer.com> wrote:
On Fri, Jan 26, 2007 at 11:20:00PM +0100, Piotr Dziubinski wrote:
> I'm very irritated and disappointed with your policy! Why?

As others have pointed out in this thread, Iceweasel is Firefox, but
without the Mozilla branding.  If you are irritated, then be irritated
at Mozilla and write them and angry mail instead.

Since you are obviously not aware of the reasons, I will give you a
quick synopsis.

On the Mozilla side:

- using the Firefox name and logo requires the distributor to use the
  binaries provided by Mozilla
- "security" support is provided by shipping new upstream releases, with
  zero help to distributors for backporting
- Debian's permission to use the Firefox name (which was given
  previously) was revoked
- the Firefox artwork is non-free

On the Debian side:

- Debian policy requires that all packages be built on Debian
  autobuilders (there are rare exceptions, but they are extremely few)
- Debian policy requires not shipping new upstream versions in stable
  releases (that means backporting security fixes)
- Debian requires that security updates come from the Debian security
  team (this creates a problem even if Debian acquiesced and released
  the binaries from mozilla, since the first security patch would create
  an unresolvable conflict)
- Debian requires that everything shipped in main be DFSG compliant (the
  Mozilla Firefox artwork is not)


Roberto C. Sanchez

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