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Re: Social Committee proposal

On Sat, Jan 27, 2007 at 04:25:26PM +0200, Kalle Kivimaa wrote:
> > Yes, but that would mean that it could have hundreds of members.
> > That's just not manageable.
> You're an optimist, I would think that there are at most a few dozen
> interested people in Debian. But yes, in theory you could have as many
> member as there are DD's (assuming that the membership would be
> limited to DD's only).

Yeah, and note that if you do actually get less people, you might get a
higher ratio of people who are in it for not particularly good reasons -
it would be an easy self-promotion method, if nothing else.

> > It would be inherently less accountable because people don't have any means
> > to replace its members. Should we really let anyone join, and then have to
> > convince the leader or do a general resolution vote every time we want to
> > replace someone who's doing something wrong?
> Well, now I'm being optimist, but I would think that a vote to replace
> a member would happen a lot less often than a (yearly) election.

Nevertheless, if you don't have that possibility, it's more likely that
bad people would join the group thinking nobody will actually go through
the bother of removing them.

Note that I proposed an election every two years, thinking that we might
want a wee bit less yearly elections and bit more consistency. Not that it
necessarily modifies your position, but I'd like to hear if it does.

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