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Re: Let us start a ombudsman team (was Re: Social Committee proposal).

Gustavo Franco wrote:
> If needed we can ask in special cases (eg.: sven's case) the DPL to
> delegate to the group some powers as in 5.1.2 - Lend authority to
> other Developers (Debian constitution).
> Amaya Rodrigo

Thanks, I feel *very* honoured.

> Andreas Schuldei
> Andreas Tille
> Carlos Laviola
> Erinn Clark
> Felipe van de Wiel
> Guilherme Pastore
> Ian Murdock
> Josip Rodin
> Philip Hands
> Raphael Hertzog

I agree that the people you proppose are good candiates, but there's
also other people I'd like to see involved in (or around) a project like
this: Anyone out there feels inlined towards this kind of effort?

I feel tempted to help out with the list, but I fear leaving good people
out of it. There's plenty of decent, trustworthy, honest, well
socialized, tolerant, moderate, well behaved, experienced in
volunteer-driven-efforts related problems, both DDs and non-DDs.

> Keep in mind that you just need some free time, an alioth account,
> understand our goals helping us to achieve them and some love for the
> Debian project.

And the thick skin ;)

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